Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sew Weekly: Way out West

This week's Sew Weekly theme is Western, and after a few hiccups, I put together this little house on the prairie type dress. The pattern is from the 40s, but has a real old time country feel about it with this calico type fabric!

As Husbie was away for work, I've taken these photos myself, using my small Lumix camera, on the frail tripod (I think it's frail because it's legs are so skinny, and it probably was really cheap. Does the job though!) and I used the pole on my verandah to get the focus right. The Lumix doesn't come with any remote, and not sure if I can hook one up. The good thing though, is that it allows 3 photos when it's on self timer, so you can run and move around three times. Then go back and see how weird and cross eyed you are. I think I'm cross eyed in at least two of these photos. Oh well!

And now, some photos for Amanda in Adelaide who loves my dog, AND loaned me this 1940s  pattern!

Have a gorgeous weekend guys! xoxo


  1. It's a great dress - such pretty fabric! :)

  2. I DO love your dog!! Thanks for making my week, it had been rather less than average right up until this moment! I really love your prairie dress I think it looks gorgeous. Well done you for doing your own photography, you're a self-sufficient country woman! Much loves and thanks for making my week :) xx

  3. oo!
    hasnt doggie darling grown??

    Lovely warm shots, the little tripod works.

  4. Love this dress! So cute and doggie darling is such a doll! Love how your hair is styled too!

  5. Oh that print is to die for.... love it!

  6. I grew up in Texas and we would have "Go Western" day every year in high school and then on another day we would have "Overalls Day". I guess they didn't want us to forget where we were.

    You look adorable. It's so perfect that you took these on a porch. Now all you need is some sweet tea.

  7. Totally stunning fabric! Is it old Sanderson curtain linen?

  8. Cute dog! My dog Harry loves to be in my photos. Really cute dress. I love 40's style.

  9. I love your fabric and the style of this dress! It looks fantastic on you, and it works perfectly with your oh-so-awesome boots!


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