Shanghai Blogging Workshops

I’m very excited to be hosting a series of Blogging Workshops here in Shanghai at the gorgeous & glamorous M Glam. Please see all the formal information below, with exact dates & times to come:


Shanghai Bloggers Society together with the M Restaurant Group present the newly formed "M Blog Club” at Glam - a series of Blogging Workshops at M Glam through the springtime. Back by popular demand, the sell-out Lit Fest workshop about BLOGGING returns to Glam Bar in 2016.

To help you kickstart your blog & get connected through social media, the first session with be Tuesday 22nd March as part of the Mini March LitFest. Find ways to get your business or personal project thriving in Shanghai by developing online presence and finding your voice through visual and written storytelling skills. You’ll learn new ways to plan and write content, manage your online social media and take better photographs. Through the four sessions, we’ll cover a range of topics like starting your blog (which platforms work in China), content themes & ideas, administration for your blog and day to day photography tips. Plus each session will feature guest bloggers from all over the world, now based in Shanghai!

Workshops will cover different styles of blogs and offer different directions you can take with your own blog. There will be a chance to brainstorm different concepts for your project whether you cover Food, Event & Reviews, Art/Design/Fashion, Health or Travel topics.

Sign up now (Limited seating available) and you'll be informed about the rest of the sessions (outside of the LitFest) so email [] or fill in the form below to confirm your spot.

Hosted by Amelia Chappelow, Author of the sewing blog "Veronica Darling". Amelia will be representing the Shanghai Bloggers Society, and has been writing blogs since 2001 while studying Media & Communications, but particularly hypertext theory & practice and ways we could write online electronically. With a career in radio at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, she became a trailblazer in telling stories through all media platforms and connecting & engaging with audiences across Australia. Before she left for Shanghai in late 2014, Amelia was involved in communication strategy & audience research while being an innovative leader across social media & practices in the organisation. She started her sewing blog in 2007, and now showcases ’Sewing in Shanghai’ featuring locations like the fabric markets and giving focus to vintage, handmade and mindful ethical clothing and handicrafts in the city.

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