Thursday, 8 March 2007

The Beginning

Yay, I've been so busy this week because my new crafty adventures have begun!

A week ago I've been hanging out on and gosh that was AWESOME... at first I wasn't sure if it was middle American Christian fun, but as I scoped the messages boards I discovered how creative some of the crafter creators are! Unbelievable and I cannot get over how helpful people are in sharing their skills! I'll start writing about what I've made and the wonderful people who helped me out!

So pretty much I set up my creative myspace, my shop on Esty and now this blog - I've never felt so happy to just write a post like this to a blog - as I spent most of my uni years studying the internet (hypertext theories - it was 1999) and how to use it creatively I have totally felt a weight... I just can't write honestly or creative or even make ANYTHING interesting... but I needed my purpose and character to go with. My own life is just too busy and too boring to write down, and cause I was always consciously criticising my every blogging move I was too constricted.

BUT here is my creative crafty self and I'm writing my guts up! Let's see how I go!

Go Veronica Darling!

p.s. what's with the new Googley part of blogger, what are the pros and cons and where is the edit bar above the post window... I like putting links in... I like the bold button.. I miss them...

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