Sunday, 1 April 2007

A Man's Shirt! Ooh!

This shirt is what has been holding me back on my crafternoon fun - and it's finally finished!

I bought the material from one of the 2 Orbost Op Shops, gave it a good wash and waited for the right pattern to hit me... I had thought to use it for belts, and luckily enough there is plenty left for a few belts - so if you fancy a belt made from this material, I'll post the pattern for it and if you like it I'll make you one!

It's cotton, light, but has a nice soft feel too it. It was a single bed sheet, and now a lovely man shirt for hubby!!!

The pattern was a 70s man shirt/vest pattern, and V loved the pointy collars, and when I showed him the man material I had in stock, he chose the white/green leafy sheet!

It took a while to make because men's patterns I find hard to do. I guess I don't make boys stuff as often, but it turned out great compared to the first shirt I made V, over 4 years ago - it had the daggiest collar that wouldn't sit down - bad interfacing I reckon.

Anyways, V wore it yesterday to a festival and earlier that day we put the pearly press studs on together, that wasn't too tricky and they look smashing!

It took me a few hours, over 3 weeks (it's been busy) but now that it's made I can get into gear with other stall/market ideas I've had in the meantime!


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