Monday, 30 April 2007

Crochet - what a mindf*#k

Hey there,

So I knitted half a glove for my huzbie, but while looking through my knitting needle box, I found a hook thing.

As I've been hanging around on crafty sites, I have seen some pretty cool crochet-ed things. My fave being Le Tosh Art (i love sushi) and her plushies! So I thought there must be some crochet tutes online, here are some helpful pages:

Learn how to crochet - with pictures

Learn how to understand crochet lingo - this is the mindf*#k part too, it's soooooo tricky and from another world!

More patterns explained - they write out what it means in English!

How to do rounds - some good piccies and explaination of pattern lingo

So the tricky thing is counting stitches, reversing and stitching back onto your row of stitches, doing two stitches and reading the instructions.

I want to make these:

from Lydia the Strange on Craftster

Anyways, I'll let you know how I go! I taught myself how to sew, do you reckon I can teach myself how to crochet?


Monday, 23 April 2007

My Obi Won Sashes

I love starwars, I like Obi Wan Kenobi when he was a young man and an old man. Luckily I found some great floral material otherwise these sashes would be fawn fawn fawn!

Check them out!!!!

Saturday, 21 April 2007

I'm so mintd

I was hanging out reading this blog and learnt about mintd, an Australian etsy! Yippee, I signed up straight away and listed my obi won sashes - check it here:

Creamy Obi Won Sash - but I accidently listeed it as man's product! Oops! Surely you can see that it's for girls right?

Anyways, I'm just getting some more stuff online at etsy and then to take some piccies of this little girls dress I made! Cute!

Friday, 20 April 2007

Maybe I am girl who loves to shop?

I was just checking up on fabric shops online, my friend Sarah is getting married and we're checking out fabric in cheaper parts of Sydney (there's gotta be right?). And I found The Girl who Loves to Shop has listed heaps of fabric stores (how nice is the Japanese fabric pic on her site)! Yay for Cabramatta - will check it out tomorrow!

But are we all "the girl who love to shop"??? I never thought of myself as a girly girl, a shoe freak girl or a girl who loves to shop... however... I can search for fabric stores online in a heartbeat, and I love shoes and boots and that kind of thing. I don't think I'm overboard in buying them though as I'm way too thrifty... but a girly girl... does making you a crafty girl turn you into a cool form of the girly girl???

Gotta get to work now!!!! I need to fit in grocery shopping on the way somehow!!!

Here's the Girl who loves to shops main page so I can catch up with her goss later!

Friday, 6 April 2007

I heart etsy

I have great news!

I have just opened my etsy shop! It was totally the best thing ever, and so easy to do! I spent a bit of time in photoshop and came up with some cool pics to show off my hair clips!

Have a look:

And I have to say it was much easier, because Anna Laura helped me with a few things! Yay, you simply must have a look at her etsy shop or her myspace!! Thank you so much Anna, you're the best!

So, apart from setting up etsy, I've started thinking how my pieces of vintage material are quite tinsy, and would make good children's clothes! Lucky I have some gorgeous patterns, so I'll get sewing tomorrow and show them off soon!

Best, Veronica Darling

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Girl Festival Dress - Yay

And of course here is the girl dress that you wear to a festival!

I have had this material for a long time, probably when I first started shopping for material around 4-5 years ago (maybe longer now... wish I wrote down the date that I made my first skirt - I wish I could put a little hypertext scenario here when I link you to a lot of wistful images of me labouring away! I might write a blog about it another time! Actually maybe I've got a post of me sewing on another old dead blog - Found One! - Although you can read the boredom of not having found sewing yet - so there's a bit of history for you! - Now back to the blog at hand!)

So! I bought this from a Sale Op Shop (Sale is a town for all you OS folk) and it was prob quite cheap as there was only a metre and a half or so... 50 cents? Can't remember, but it was so lovely that I couldn't make anything with it, because I had to wait until I was actually a good sewer!

The pattern is a 70s teenagers dress and shirt pattern, and did come with pockets and a heart motif for the front section on the bust, but I didn't add them just yet. Maybe I'll do the pockets though - what do you think?

It took 4 hours to do, I started it Friday before work, then did the finishing off (hem and sewing the lining) on Saturday morning. It does have lining in the bust area and I useds some navy cotton I had for that.

I do have some material left over to make about 2 belts I reckon, so please let me know if you'd like something made up! Otherwise I might make little hair clips from the rest of the scraps.

I'm really pleased with this dress, love the hemline, love the shape! I think it might gape a little around my shoulderblades, but fitted well on my torso girl Diana (you know a model bust thing) so not sure how to fix that! Otherwise it's cool hey! It's a size 13/14 teenager - 33 1/2 bust, so a perfect pattern for my size!

Oh! I have used temporarily some djuzhy buttons that are pretty yukky bling - but thought for the festival yesterday it would suit - I'm going to find some massive 3 cm plus ones at Spotty later today.

A Man's Shirt! Ooh!

This shirt is what has been holding me back on my crafternoon fun - and it's finally finished!

I bought the material from one of the 2 Orbost Op Shops, gave it a good wash and waited for the right pattern to hit me... I had thought to use it for belts, and luckily enough there is plenty left for a few belts - so if you fancy a belt made from this material, I'll post the pattern for it and if you like it I'll make you one!

It's cotton, light, but has a nice soft feel too it. It was a single bed sheet, and now a lovely man shirt for hubby!!!

The pattern was a 70s man shirt/vest pattern, and V loved the pointy collars, and when I showed him the man material I had in stock, he chose the white/green leafy sheet!

It took a while to make because men's patterns I find hard to do. I guess I don't make boys stuff as often, but it turned out great compared to the first shirt I made V, over 4 years ago - it had the daggiest collar that wouldn't sit down - bad interfacing I reckon.

Anyways, V wore it yesterday to a festival and earlier that day we put the pearly press studs on together, that wasn't too tricky and they look smashing!

It took me a few hours, over 3 weeks (it's been busy) but now that it's made I can get into gear with other stall/market ideas I've had in the meantime!


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