Monday, 30 April 2007

Crochet - what a mindf*#k

Hey there,

So I knitted half a glove for my huzbie, but while looking through my knitting needle box, I found a hook thing.

As I've been hanging around on crafty sites, I have seen some pretty cool crochet-ed things. My fave being Le Tosh Art (i love sushi) and her plushies! So I thought there must be some crochet tutes online, here are some helpful pages:

Learn how to crochet - with pictures

Learn how to understand crochet lingo - this is the mindf*#k part too, it's soooooo tricky and from another world!

More patterns explained - they write out what it means in English!

How to do rounds - some good piccies and explaination of pattern lingo

So the tricky thing is counting stitches, reversing and stitching back onto your row of stitches, doing two stitches and reading the instructions.

I want to make these:

from Lydia the Strange on Craftster

Anyways, I'll let you know how I go! I taught myself how to sew, do you reckon I can teach myself how to crochet?


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