Sunday, 1 April 2007

Girl Festival Dress - Yay

And of course here is the girl dress that you wear to a festival!

I have had this material for a long time, probably when I first started shopping for material around 4-5 years ago (maybe longer now... wish I wrote down the date that I made my first skirt - I wish I could put a little hypertext scenario here when I link you to a lot of wistful images of me labouring away! I might write a blog about it another time! Actually maybe I've got a post of me sewing on another old dead blog - Found One! - Although you can read the boredom of not having found sewing yet - so there's a bit of history for you! - Now back to the blog at hand!)

So! I bought this from a Sale Op Shop (Sale is a town for all you OS folk) and it was prob quite cheap as there was only a metre and a half or so... 50 cents? Can't remember, but it was so lovely that I couldn't make anything with it, because I had to wait until I was actually a good sewer!

The pattern is a 70s teenagers dress and shirt pattern, and did come with pockets and a heart motif for the front section on the bust, but I didn't add them just yet. Maybe I'll do the pockets though - what do you think?

It took 4 hours to do, I started it Friday before work, then did the finishing off (hem and sewing the lining) on Saturday morning. It does have lining in the bust area and I useds some navy cotton I had for that.

I do have some material left over to make about 2 belts I reckon, so please let me know if you'd like something made up! Otherwise I might make little hair clips from the rest of the scraps.

I'm really pleased with this dress, love the hemline, love the shape! I think it might gape a little around my shoulderblades, but fitted well on my torso girl Diana (you know a model bust thing) so not sure how to fix that! Otherwise it's cool hey! It's a size 13/14 teenager - 33 1/2 bust, so a perfect pattern for my size!

Oh! I have used temporarily some djuzhy buttons that are pretty yukky bling - but thought for the festival yesterday it would suit - I'm going to find some massive 3 cm plus ones at Spotty later today.

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