Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Getting ready for the Pledge

I'm pretty sure I'm in the June 6 month batch of the greatest idea ever invented - I mailed Nikki Shell about the Wardrobe Refashion and here am I getting ready for it!

I'm pretty sure most of you peeps know what it is (crafty friends), but I'm imagining here that everyone is reading about my adventures (young, old, etc) and I'm very inclusive in my job and do a lot of 'resetting' (another re word - and one of my faves in everyday life). SO!!! The Wardrobe Refashion Pledge is taken by people committed to NOT buying new clothes, and refashioning old clothes & making new clothes.

Now, I'm pretty into this already. I haven't bought anything 'swanky' for ages and I hate paying over $50 for clothes when I feel I can give it a go myself for much cheaper. And then there's the recycling part of it. I have been going to oppies since I was 12 and into bargains (I rather like the Americans and their 'thrift' stores as opposed to Op Shops - but you can never not say OPPY can you?), AND now making stuff for almost 5 years - I calculated it from a very EARLY blog! 2001 was the year I got bored, and perhaps by the end of that I got handy with the sewing machine.

But, I've never been that good until recently! Here is another top I made on the weekend! The material is from an Op Shop in Gippsland - most likely Bairnsdale. And is a pattern - I'll add it later! It was pretty easy!

Can you tell which pic is the myspace angle?



  1. have you got an email for the wardrobe refashion girl yet?? I signed up for June but haven't heard anything yet :(

  2. Bairnsdale Op-Shops rock. My Nanna works in the ambulance one and "saves" me all the good stuff (fabrics, buttons ect).

    I also know what you mean about paying over $50 for things, particularly skirts because they are so easy to make.

    I'm inspired by your shirt making. About a year or more ago I my boyfriend selected some pink floral (hahaha he sounds odd doesn't he) fabric to make a shirt from in Spotlight. I was excited because suddenly Spotlight excited him and it wasn't a place that was boring and dull that I took too long in. Anyway I have not made said shirt yet and the fabric is sitting in my shelf tempting me into using it for a bag lining.

  3. YAY!!
    I got her email this morning and I've already left a post!!!

  4. Wardrobe refashion sounds good, glad to have read this. Your top looks great!


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