Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Great recycling

Another post about my re words and I found this chicka - she's got some great twist with recycled things and lovely found fashion pics!

Today I sewed half of my green top - the front and back bits of the shirt have great darts that aren't really darts - the pattern calls them tucks and they look alright so far - I've done the collar and it doesn't look tooooooo dorky! My big thing used to be dorky unbalanced collars, but I seem to have sorted that out in recent creations! See my husband's green floral shirt from a previous post - I can do them ok!

My biggest worry with this shirt is the machine, the cotton is kind of stretch knit only slightly, and the machine tension is all over the shop - I've tried heaps of combinations on the machine and can't get the stitch balanced, but whatevs - it works and it's on the inside anyways! I wanna wear this shirt tomorrow, but don't think I'll get the sleeves done in time for work tomorrow!

I chatted to this lovely designer in a convo on etsy about making dresses and agreed with her that if you make a whole bunch of stuff you get bored with the same thing. I've got my belts and my clips online, and wanna try dresses or tunics with some of my vintage fabric, so may set out to do a new bunch when things settle down. It's always so busy!


  1. Just need to do the handstitching bits and the buttons!

    Will post pic for you tomorrow!


  2. thanks for the flattering mention! i can't wait to see this shirt!


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