Monday, 21 May 2007

I heart the 're' words

Hi again,

I'm finding a lot of new friends in the online crafty community and thanks to Bec who commented the other day - great site and based in Sydney too!

Here are all the words starting with 're' that I love so far:


What are other great ones that sum up the great eco-friendly world of fashion? I'm sure there's more!

I have set up the sewing centre after the easiest move in the world (different apartment, same apartment block) and have cut out the pieces for a light shirt. Green cotton stuff that I got on sale the other day, only $1.50 a metre down from $9 a metre. I'll be using recycled buttons and will post once it's done! Hopefully tomorrow morning and I'm itching to wear something new!

1 comment:

  1. Ta for the link! :) such a sweety!!

    I think I might go to the craft show - might need to save up a bit of cash though!!! Maybe we should see if there are any other Sydney crafters that want to go and make a "meet up" of it.

    Loving your "re" words too!!

    oh, and don't worry, I thought the cool kids were only in Melbs too!!!


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