Thursday, 3 May 2007

One crafty point - One hair point

Okay! I'm going to the hairdressers today and have included these photos as inspiration!

I'll talk to Sue and Eliza about my fringe (non existant today) as I feel like I want big hair but with a fringe! I look EXACTLY like Brigitte btw.

On the crafty point today:

I have started a beanie cap thing for my huzbie and have been using a combination of the following pages to keep up with it all:

My Crochet Stuff - the actual pattern and cool chrochet person - crochet is so hard I have problems spelling it even! I might put a permanent link from my blog on this one!

How to do tricky things - this page has some weird sketches on how to do front post and back post, as the pattern above says you need to do it, but I have no idea what it means and will just keep on doing hdc (half double crochet) stitches all the way round this circle:

Another Crafty Me Page - This is also really helpful, on this site is where I learned to do the perfect circle thing that starts off the crochet - cute!

Ok, better get to work!


  1. hey Amelia, I tagged you on my blog, the details are there!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the new do, I remember in school once you wore your hair up a special way and Laine and I copied the next day so I'm expecting cutting edge style!

  2. I love Brigitte Bardot! Think she is absolutely fabulous, even as an older lady. I used to do my hair similar until I got it chopped off, hope it worked out for you!xx


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