Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Super Keen Craftstar

I've been reading heaps of etsy profiles and stores, a favourite new addiction! And I found how great Whimsy Girl is at recycling! Reusing old objects has always been one of my fascinations, and most of my creations have come about from my collection of materials and vintage things!

Anyways, I've been reading Whimsy Girl's Blog and she is so 'go get em!' with her crafty adventures, hats & berets off to her!

Here are some of her rings:

How great! I think she's super keen by grabbing a soldering iron, or working out how those forks can curl up, and bottle tops!... How great to reuse those simple things! (watch out for random Husband rant) Why do boys drink so much beer!???

I've added some of my obi wan sashes to mintd, but as a normal seller I can only have 3 products up there. Not sure if I'm professional enough to become a regular seller!


1 comment:

  1. Hey girl! Your sashes are so cool! Saw 'em yesterday--very chic!
    And yes, I love recycling/reusing/repurposing. IT ROCKS!
    AND SO DO YOU darling!


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