Thursday, 17 May 2007

Twin Peaks Girl

I've just been esty browsing (again) and found Art and Ghosts and her blog!

She was recently tagged (as I was too by Anna Laura but I don't have enough blogger friends yet) and listed all these things about herself! So many of them sounded like me! Geeky! She lives in Manchester and creates photo montages. Very childish bedroom memory-like and hence the Twin Peaks feel, she even noted that one pic is very Laura Palmer. She even lists Jan Svankmajer's 'Alice' as one of her fave films, and I keep remembering his work from time to time - I might have to see if they are on dvd yet.

There are a plethora of things I loved that have missed the internet retro-cyle. Things like Monkey Magic (and sound grabs) were online once it all began, but things like Sean's Show (Sean Hughes) has never even had an online ether presence. It'll have to live on in my head...


  1. Your post is so freaky because I am currently watching season 2 on DVD. Agent Dale Cooper is one of my favourites. My little Year 9's the other day were talking about him on Desperate Housewifes, and I said oh kiddles, he is Agent Dale Cooper and they looked blank, and I said Twin Peaks, again blank, then I said, I feel sorry for you little munchins!

  2. hello!
    I read your post on Miss Meshell's site so decided to check out your site!! I can't believe you love Sean Hughes!! I adored his show which was on TV, but NO-ONE i knew watched it!!
    I'll add you as a link from my page (i don't have many blogger friends yet either :) )


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