Monday, 28 May 2007

You Forgot To Iron Your Shirt

I wore this to work today, and most people didn't realise it was a made shirt - even when I pointed out the oddly coloured stitching on the button holes and the drunken like staggering stitching around the hem!

From afar it looks normal to people and that's fine by me! I think I look a little matronly and buxom - and the cute front necktie (detachable) puffs it out even more! BUT, I like it nonetheless and with a big black belt and a pencil skirt I reckon it's sassy librarian chic.

Not bad straight on - and check the big hair guys, that's the Brigitte look on me!

Not sure what made the fabric poke out the side there - but that's not an extra boob

Now I'm just watching my crime shows (see from above couch pic). I have cable, yes because I'm a media junkie, and because my husband loves music video clips. AND, I love forensic investigation (my second career will happen one day) and on Mondays they have Lisa McCune present a really long Aussie version - see her 'on location':

Wow, she's so serious, especially with that 'serious' straight hair.

I have stacks more green crinkly material, so can make a blouse for you - size 8-10 maybe even a nice tightly fitted 12 I reckon. BUT, can't promise you nice stitching! Gotta try the nasty overlocker!



  1. Same thing has happen to me often times but all the time I have to convince other that it is a fashion. So the others are able to judge the same that I am wondering while having the specific dressing.

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