Friday, 29 June 2007

Looking for shrug patterns

So I've made my dress for the wedding (gotta fix the zipper and then it's cool), but I've heard the weather in northern NSW is not so warm, and as the wedding is first thing in the morning, I'm just browsing now for fake fur shrugs:

A bit dapper and maybe too long in the sleeves

Prom Shrugs

Reconstructed shrug

xoxo gotta go to work

Friday, 22 June 2007

New tops, new dress and new ideas

I haven't blogged for a bit as it got really cold and busy at work, but I've made 2 new tops from cheap cotton material, one for me and one for my friend at work.

AND I've practically finished a dress to wear to my friends' wedding in July! Very pleased with it so far, it's a little fetching around the hip area as it's a pencil skirt with a flowy bodice, as soon as I've done the zip I'll post pics. I got the material from Marrickville, in the little shop near Sydnaham (sp?) railway station. They have the ends of material still on the cardboard roll - what is that called? Reams? Or ends of prints? I don't know, but I'll post tomorrow as I plan to finish the zipper then!

I've also signed up to Style Mob after checking out... I think it was Cheap Opulence's blog! Thanks babes!

I love it, while most people are overseas, I'm helping Aussie girls get their fash online there!

Other than that, I've sold most of those Cheeky badges below to friends at work! So pleased! And am getting a commission to make 2 halterneck dresses for Sam who's heading to Europe soon and getting some sun!

Yay! xoxo

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Understanding where your vintage fash comes from

Mucking on the internerd as ussssual, I've found another vintage fash site through my myspace called the Vintage Fashion Guild, and I just checked out their site and there's a great list of info on labels!

They call it the
Lable Resource and it seems to be quite USA based, but the info is so good - with pics too! I love the old labels in some of my jackets - just checked two of them - Cumquat makes my blue leather cropped jacket, and Jolly Dee makes my Mum's old military style jacket - and they aren't listed, maybe because they are Australian!

Anyways, carry on!

Friday, 8 June 2007

OMG - what a great idea!

I just found Bits And Bobbins and what a beautiful mecca of ideas for fash!

As a frequent street style lover (although I do find Sydney rather drab at times) this page is not only a great blog, but has pointed me to a great group called Wardrobe Remix and I signed up straight away!

Thank you Bits and Bobbins!

I remember the first instance of photo fashion, and it was in Japan! I'll have to find the pics somewhere and scan them in... but the story goes as follows:

Year 10 school trip to Japan, a bunch of us going to a rollercoaster slash waterworld theme park and Japanese girls wanting to take photos of us with them to capture our fashion sense. They loved foreigners, they loved fashion and all those years ago, I just adored Japan and street fash. I can't even remember how many photos these Japanese girls took of us, but I was wearing these weird tan flowy callot type trousers and a beige (ick - what was I thinking on both counts!) tank top - but I got attention and I didn't even look that great. BUT, Japanese girls loved the combo at the time! I was 16 and didn't even accessorise (sp?) properly!!!

It was Nagashima Spa Land and still holds a special place in my heart as I love theme parks (most of you who know me well, will understand why I spent my honeymoon on the Gold Coast!). I even wrote poems about this theme park for English and based a Japanese Class Essay around the subject.

There's my little background story to street fash, and I adore this Wardrobe Remix as such!

xoxoxo yay for whatevs street fash!

Thursday, 7 June 2007

What are these things called do you reckon?

I made some stuff (as per usual), but while I was a little sickie on Sunday (or was it Monday? can't remember as my brain stopped functioning!) and now I need a name for them. If a girl at work likes them I'll call them Cheeky Badges - but if she doesn't I'll have to think up another one!

My Brownie Pins are named after a friend!

And here are the badge things:

I've seen other badges, kind of the same ones on Craftster and some people call them yo yos - but these ones are kind of built up ones for your blazer or jacket or tshirt... not really a yo yo - so I'm a little stuck with names for them at the moment!


Monday, 4 June 2007

Burda Style - Free Patterns

I know I shouldn't be getting tired of my massive box of patterns, there's heaps of things I haven't made yet....

BUT, I found NikkiShell posting about Burda Style, and read this news story about the creators!

I have joined up and am yet to make anything, but I just can't get enough of new patterns!!! I'm at home today, a little sickie, but don't really have the energy to make something - but I've got two events coming up (Hen's Party & Wedding on the Beach) that I need 2 new things for. I'm still waiting for the Wardrobe Refashion invite, but still pretending I'm on board - so no new things!

This dress is nice:

But not sure how it'll look over my chest!, I might look like a tank!

Saturday, 2 June 2007


Hopefully you've heard The Shins track "Australia" by now. It's got a really great film clip I saw on jtv today. BUT, the real main reason for my post is the D.U.S.T blog, as it features my friends Anna Laura and Inaluxe.

It's a pretty cool blog about all things beaut in Australia, and posts about cool things that Australian peeps are doing art wise and craft wise. Anna Laura has been a great inspiration for me online, she's helped me out greatly with etsy stuff and pics and has some gorgeous work for you to check out. Whilst Inaluxe has been so gorgeous with tips on dressmaking and etsy stuff in general!

I went to high school with Anna Laura, and recently found Inaluxe through etsy - so really pleased to see them rating on the DUST myspace & blog! (AND Anna Laura - just read about you ON INALUXE's blog - woo hoo!)

Yay for really creative arts type peeps online! I feel sooooo inspired by their work, but I know I'm not really arty - just super sewing keen - in comparison. But most of all, YAY for Australian peeps doing so well on etsy and the like!


Friday, 1 June 2007

Quickie Badges

My fave customer put in an order for her sister, I made some quick belts yesterday and a little Brownie Hair Clip for her as well, but I quickly made these little badges for her as a present!

Hope she likes them!

I haven't heard about the Wardrobe Refashion, but I'm assuming I'm on board, so today is the first day of no new clothes! My friend Sarah wants to go shopping for shoes tomorrow! I am so 'high and mighty' going shopping these days anyways, so I bet I'll be fine. I'm all 'HnM' because I look at clothes and can't believe the price! (Esp. in Sydders! Ridic!)

Off to work now!

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