Saturday, 2 June 2007


Hopefully you've heard The Shins track "Australia" by now. It's got a really great film clip I saw on jtv today. BUT, the real main reason for my post is the D.U.S.T blog, as it features my friends Anna Laura and Inaluxe.

It's a pretty cool blog about all things beaut in Australia, and posts about cool things that Australian peeps are doing art wise and craft wise. Anna Laura has been a great inspiration for me online, she's helped me out greatly with etsy stuff and pics and has some gorgeous work for you to check out. Whilst Inaluxe has been so gorgeous with tips on dressmaking and etsy stuff in general!

I went to high school with Anna Laura, and recently found Inaluxe through etsy - so really pleased to see them rating on the DUST myspace & blog! (AND Anna Laura - just read about you ON INALUXE's blog - woo hoo!)

Yay for really creative arts type peeps online! I feel sooooo inspired by their work, but I know I'm not really arty - just super sewing keen - in comparison. But most of all, YAY for Australian peeps doing so well on etsy and the like!


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  1. i LOVE the shins! Watched Garden Sate last night with one of my fave songs - New Slang.
    That D.U.S.T site is cool!


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