Monday, 4 June 2007

Burda Style - Free Patterns

I know I shouldn't be getting tired of my massive box of patterns, there's heaps of things I haven't made yet....

BUT, I found NikkiShell posting about Burda Style, and read this news story about the creators!

I have joined up and am yet to make anything, but I just can't get enough of new patterns!!! I'm at home today, a little sickie, but don't really have the energy to make something - but I've got two events coming up (Hen's Party & Wedding on the Beach) that I need 2 new things for. I'm still waiting for the Wardrobe Refashion invite, but still pretending I'm on board - so no new things!

This dress is nice:

But not sure how it'll look over my chest!, I might look like a tank!


  1. Hope you're feeling better today!! I've had a hideous cold too :(

  2. ooo - found another "RE" word - REFURBISHED!!
    Did you know you can buy re-furbished iPods????

  3. Love it!

    Thanks Bec! I'm finally feeling great this morning - hence my getting up earlier to fight the day! And it's pouring!


  4. hey -glad to hear your feeling better!!
    Oh my goodness....small world - i just realised you know one of my friends Jessie (from defamer)!! I used to live with her!!!!


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