Friday, 8 June 2007

OMG - what a great idea!

I just found Bits And Bobbins and what a beautiful mecca of ideas for fash!

As a frequent street style lover (although I do find Sydney rather drab at times) this page is not only a great blog, but has pointed me to a great group called Wardrobe Remix and I signed up straight away!

Thank you Bits and Bobbins!

I remember the first instance of photo fashion, and it was in Japan! I'll have to find the pics somewhere and scan them in... but the story goes as follows:

Year 10 school trip to Japan, a bunch of us going to a rollercoaster slash waterworld theme park and Japanese girls wanting to take photos of us with them to capture our fashion sense. They loved foreigners, they loved fashion and all those years ago, I just adored Japan and street fash. I can't even remember how many photos these Japanese girls took of us, but I was wearing these weird tan flowy callot type trousers and a beige (ick - what was I thinking on both counts!) tank top - but I got attention and I didn't even look that great. BUT, Japanese girls loved the combo at the time! I was 16 and didn't even accessorise (sp?) properly!!!

It was Nagashima Spa Land and still holds a special place in my heart as I love theme parks (most of you who know me well, will understand why I spent my honeymoon on the Gold Coast!). I even wrote poems about this theme park for English and based a Japanese Class Essay around the subject.

There's my little background story to street fash, and I adore this Wardrobe Remix as such!

xoxoxo yay for whatevs street fash!

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  1. hey, thanks for the shout out about my blog! just in case it isn't clear, wardrobe_remix is my community; i started it in 1995, and as such it's a HUGE focus in my blog. see ya over there! :D


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