Saturday, 9 June 2007

Understanding where your vintage fash comes from

Mucking on the internerd as ussssual, I've found another vintage fash site through my myspace called the Vintage Fashion Guild, and I just checked out their site and there's a great list of info on labels!

They call it the
Lable Resource and it seems to be quite USA based, but the info is so good - with pics too! I love the old labels in some of my jackets - just checked two of them - Cumquat makes my blue leather cropped jacket, and Jolly Dee makes my Mum's old military style jacket - and they aren't listed, maybe because they are Australian!

Anyways, carry on!


  1. hi,

    this lady does lovely vintage images. not fash so much as little bits and pieces with smart quips. check her out - i'm totally hooked.

    stay crafty,



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