Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Cheeky Beeky Badges

I've gone mental with badges/brooches/whatevs!

Here's a small example:

I'm about to upload some on etsy while I'm watching my crime shows! Yay Hooray! I'm not too sure my stuff is that good on etsy, but really want to hang in there and give it a red hot go. I have some great material that would suit some obi belts too, so perhaps I just need to update some of the stuff! I have also finished a great summer halter dress, kind of apron-like, but I'll put it on Diana and take a photo for you bloggy.

Sam from work loves it, so I'll make up the dress with her fabric as planned, and take some piccies of that too.

I'm so random today! Also, instead of a shrug I got some really interesting woolie material and made a massive wrap. I lined it with normal black lining (will be taking loads of pics at the wedding this Saturday, so will have some nice ones to show my lovely dress!) and when I lined it I sewed it woolie material side up on the machine, and ANYWAYS the two materials didn't want to work together, like the shiny lining went with the machine and the woolie one followed more slowly. However, I switched to the lining being on top, and then the two fabrics moved and joined together smoothly... does this make ANY SENSE? I just wanted to know why this happens (even thought I pin the material really carefully)... What's the dealio???



  1. Howdy!!

    Love these little badges!!

    Hey are you interested in doing a quilting day class?? This chic our age had an article in the paper about how young people don't do craft anymore, and so she is holding a class on 19th Aug.
    Me and my friend Amy are going if you're keen?
    This is the girls email address (without the spaces obviously!)
    bec80b @ hotmail . com

  2. Oh no! I'd love to come, but that weekend I'll be in WA!

    You'll have to let me know how you go!

    Have you heard of the massive op shop warehouses out west of Sydney? People have told me about it, but I don't really know Sydders that well!

    I live inner west so all the op shops are dreary and all the good stuff taken!

  3. no worries. I'll post some pics after it. Should be fun i think!!

    I've got a killer one up the road from me in Ryde. Total untapped resource!

    oh my goodness!! I haven't heard of them! Think I might have to trek out there to check it out!!


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