Thursday, 12 July 2007

Looking for a Birthday Sewing Machine

Yep, it's my birfffday in August and my lovely husband suggested I look for a new sewing machine!!!! What a great idea!

I use a 1980 Janome that has an overlocker (broken and way too complicated to work out) but only use the straight stitch. I've been quite naughty and don't reinforce any of my edges (for instance the dress I made below is fraying at the seam edges on the inside, and I may have to think about fixing that soon) and when I use knit fabrics I just soldier on and pretend not to notice the puckering on my stitches! CAN YOU TELL I'M SELF TAUGHT AND LAZY?? Ha Ha Ha!

I met a patchworker this weekend and she showed me her Pfaff Machine, and because she does quilting wanted a machine that's needle stayed in the fabric (mine does this so didn't realise there was any other way) to move the fabric around with the needle still there to keep things together.

For my sewing I'd like that too, I'd like an overlocker and a straight stitch option - I'd like a button hole computer programmed thing - Monica the Patchworker had over a hundred different computer options! I don't know what I'd do with them, but I want them!

What machines are good do you think? I'm thinking $1000 max at the mo (cheaper would be better, but are the machines more divey?), and have started looking online! woo Yeah!

Choice has reviewed sewing machines just for people like me, and have decided that Janome and Bernina are good - approx $1000 and their tip is:

"Visit big craft shows in your area, or major state-based shows like the Royal Easter Show, as manufacturers often have excellent deals available at this time."

Oh!! Bec just went to a Craft show!


  1. Hey Amelia,

    I recently got a new machine, a Janome for about $400. It doesn't have an overlocker, it is a pretty basic machine but it is going well do far!

  2. Hi Amelia!

    I have a lovely easy-to-use Brother which I have just realised is over 10 years old. It's a hardy ol' thing.

    It's also pretty basic, but it does have 23 stitches (zig zag, invisible hemstitch which I have never worked out, some decorative ones, button holes etc, is easy to thread, and I love the bobbin holder (much more than my mum's singer which is a nightmare to thread).

    But, oh, if I could get an overlocker ... have to say I would jump at it!

    Happy hunting xx

  3. Thanks guys! I'm getting excited! Is yours a computer one Anna Laura? I wanna do automatic buttenholes!


  4. I isn't a computerised one, but it does have automatic button holes. I think you put your button into this slot thing on a special foot and it knows how big to make it. I have not used it yet. The computerised one wasn't much more from what I remember though.

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  6. always helps if I actually write something in the post rather than just pressing enter!!!

    Anyways, my trusty little machine was only abut $150 i think - Brother LS21-25.

    It comes with a zipper foot and a buttonhole foot and I bought a quilters foot for $20 on eBay.

    You would have DIED at the craft fair - it was full of super duper machines that do automatic embroidery. But that does kinda take the fun out of hand embroidery!


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