Friday, 13 July 2007

Melting Plastic!

Just reading the Wardrobe Refashion site for ideas, and got very excited about this Placcy Bag Post!

Check out her bag:

I really want to make this!

Like Jayne and Solveig now that I'm an adult I really want to melt things like these knitting needles - yay for being in charge of the iron and the oven!

My only prob at the moment is that I have no plastic bags! Someone gave me some matieral in a DJs bag, but that's a bit daggy and an obvious pattern to melt!



  1. hi, this is a little off the gardening topic. but it's totally crafty. went to portabello market on saturday and rediscovered this japanese chick who is recycling kimonos into delicious clutches and handbags. they are devine. no web presence whatsoever tho. she's worried someone will steal her designs. but i bought a red and gold handbag. it's made from a red silk kimono with white birds and sprinklings of gold and a gold obi with big red flowers, lined in gold boudoir-ish french fabric. i'll forward a pic for ya to check out. going next month to purchase a clutch.

  2. Awesome!

    It's pretty tough, but I reckon you have trust that craftster peeps won't steal designs... I like looking at heaps of stuff online for inspiration, but in the end I try and make things from my own head and my own materials... she'll be great because obviously she's got her own unique material to work with!

    Show me a piccie of you with your bag!!! It sounds beautiful!



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