Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Wedding Fash

I'm so happy with my dress!

I have blogged below about part of the making, but the story goes: I'd bought the material from the Remnants Warehouse in Marrickville and it's kind of silky satin, and I've got this fabulous 60s dress pattern (I think was from a Sale Op Shop) that I hadn't made up yet... I did try to do it when I lived in Sale a few years back, but unfortunately as it was opshopped the instructions page was missing! Oh no! All the pattern pieces were there though, and so I thought I'd give it a go a few weeks back.

ANDDDDD it's sooooooo good! I adjusted the skirt darts (I was a bit fatty in the guts) and took in the blouse bit as it was a lot more baggy than above. Also I made the zip just on the skirt (and used a shorter zip) as when the zip was in the blouse it stuck out funny on the side. That was the trickiest bit as I wasn't sure how it went, and also I top stitched the bodice because I wasn't sure either. It's hard without the instructions, but am so pleased I'm experienced enough at sewing now to make this without them!

I made the wrap from woolie material from another fabric shop on Marrickville road - $6 for half a metre and lined it with satin, it turned out great but I was intrigued with how the two materials moved and went a bit wonky when I stitched them together.

My husband made me pose for this shot and as I was a bit tipsy with wedding fever I thought I looked fantastic! He also priced this look at $180 but all up it's under $20 - oh the stockings would make the outfit $30, beg your pardon, they were added as the wedding was at 7am on Saturday (7/7/07) and a little chilly even though it was on the northern NSW beachside.



  1. hotness!! That looks great!!!

    Is the Remenants Warehouse good? I've wanted to go there for ages!

  2. Thanks Bec!

    I think it's pretty good, I wouldn't go there with certain fabric in mind, as they have a lot of stuff but it's been different each time I go.

    This red stuff was on special, and I just dropped in one day to see what the cheapie stuff was like and walked away with this and 2 black material (that I don't really know what it is - but made stuff with since) really cheap!


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