Saturday, 11 August 2007

Shirt for my man

hey gang,

I've had a week off - and totally relaxed! Then I worked at the Splendour in the Grass Music Festival, saw some great bands and then back at work this week - It's TOO BUSY! There's just so much going on!

Nevertheless, here is my 'man' shirt:

I cuffed the sleeves after the photo was taken... but the cool thing is that I was VERY tight with fabric, as it was fabric my friend Sam picked out for a nice summer dress (she's holidaying in EUROPE as I type) and this man shirt was the leftovers! I'm pretty pleased with it, the collar has settled down since and I just am so proud of the pocket... it's the best I have EVER done... so simple but so easy to stuff up and get wonky...

Mr Veronica Darling wore it to Splendour on the Sunday and looked HOT with a vest over it when it got colder later on! And it got VERY VERY VERY COLD!

I made 2 dresses for myself but didn't get good pics of them! I was too busy working and taking photos of everyone else!



  1. Well done that's great! Love the print too.
    Have finally seen a Lily Allen for New Look dress in the flesh and posted on my blog (remember you commented on my rant about celeb designers a few months ago?). Very cute indeed.

  2. That is so cute, I'm sure Mr. Veronica Darling LOVED it!

  3. great shirt! LOVE the fabric.
    would love to see pics of the dresses!
    Oh, and if you are keen, you have been tagged! (pop into my blog if this makes no sense)

  4. woahhhhhhh, I love your man shirt - it's gorgeous, and contrary to popular belief, shirts are HARD to do, so you should be really pleased with yourself! It's fab! :)


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