Thursday, 22 November 2007

Cutie little character material

Just been clicking around for a while, and how fracking cute is this piece of material and the rest of the shop!??????

So cute!!! The shop's called Nuno Plus and just so cute I can't believe it!

Not being a quilter AT ALL, I'm confused with lingo. Fat Quarters yardage blah blah blah, luckily this Nuno Plus site lists the cms as well for us Aussies. Lingo reminds me that I am not a skilled seamstress AT ALLLLLL and should get some training some time. My bestie did promise me some birthday money to go to either a new machine or a session of classes, but I've never taken him up on it! Perhaps next year!

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  1. Hey I just stumbled across ur blog maybe u can stumble across mine.


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