Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The Way We Wear

Hey pals,

My pals Dan and Bec drove me out to the Vintage Fair in Canterbury Racecourse recently and we picked up a few things, but a stall holder told us about The Way We Wear Fairs that are on and that they are perfect for a bargain! Whilst the vintage fair was good, it was very antique-like and my thrifty-ness gets a hold of me and I just cannot buy things that are too pricey. But apparently the WWW Fairs are just great! I emailed them and will find out when they're on in Sydders for 2008 - but there's other cities involved too - so check them out if you're interstate!

Then my pal Dan saw these darling clothes online - Mooka Kinney - a gorgeous collection from the States:

What great fabrics and designs! She said they reminded her of some of the clothes I've been making recently, and thought 'Wow! That's so cool!' as they are just great and very good tailoringlike!

I've been thinking about setting myself a goal of 100 dresses this summer, and I need a massive kick to get into sewing full on and as I've got some holidays coming up (only 1 and 1/2 weeks of work left!), I thought I need some sort of great gigantic number to start sewing. I have heaps of material ready to go, I have heaps of patterns and styles and I have this blog to motivate me - so why the hell not!??? And then what I don't sell around town I can post to etsy, and perhaps peeps will like them there!

In the past few months I've made 2 dresses for Splendour, 1 red dress, 1 shirt for husbie, 2 flippy dresses (shiny black one and my winter sailer suit), a daggy black shirt and and and... (thinking hard) 1 dress I haven't finished (vintage pattern turned into a size 12 when I thought it was an 8) ANDDDDD tailored a few trousers and what not for friends. I've refashioned a bikini top too for a pal!

So a big goal of 100 dresses for summer should be ok! Plus I'd like to make a whole bunch as the girls from work seem interested in what I do and then I could have a market before Christmas for them to check out!

Yeah Yeah Yeah, all talk! We'll see!

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