Thursday, 13 December 2007

Outfit Number Two

Here's my top from Built by Wendy/You:

It's size 12, made from leftover dress floral material, and secondhand black lawn cotton. This is exactly from the pattern, as it was my first cut (I'm making another one, size 10 now, and altering it a bit, will post later)... so I'm pretty happy with it. Especially how there's no notions at all, makes for a pretty cheap top.

V. excited as it's my last day before Christmas Hols today - Yippee! Next year I'm starting at 5.30am instead of 10am, so yesterday at work I did a practice run of the work hours and it was just SO good! I worked really hard when no one was there, then mucked a little but left at 1pm! Then we looked at 2 houses, Mr Veronica got his haircut and I went to some fabric stores with 25% off! ANDDD I went to a personal trainer class! Then I started another top for my friend. CRAZY!

I'll give this red top to my friend who's expecting, she moves state soon to have her baby, and will prob get a few wears out of it with the bump, but it's a nice light easy going top to wear when racing around town with a new bub! YAY!


  1. Such a wonderful shirt design you shared. I can't believe it costs so cheap. And yes it also looks so trendy. Can not wait to buy this one.


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