Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Starting Outfit Number TWO

Hey again!

I'm making the built by wendy/you pattern I featured in a previous post with some light cotton fabrics, the first a great black and red floral material and then just a simple black cotton stuff for the contrasting fabric, so the floral will be the bottom part and the black the cutey sleeves and the v shaped front! Exciting stuff!

So pretty much this is 'undercontruction':

I got a few orders after I wore my blue dress (also featured below) to work, and I told my friend about the top/dress pattern, so am making a test outfit for her (she loved the blue material - so if the test outfit fits, I'll make one up for her in the blue stuff!). I'm soldiering on quite well in my 100 outfit quest, so am quite pleased, as it's not even holidays yet and am still fitting the sewing time in!

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