Saturday, 5 January 2008

Everyone's making lists!

I've never made New Year's Resolutions, I'm not sure why... but I don't often like doing things that people insist you do... and I'm sure I was made to do resolutions at school.

BUT, I do like lists, and filling in forms and generally anything about writing stuff. I do like plans and organising (my brain works that way! ARGH!), so in any case, here's my list of things for the next wee while:

- Continue '100 Outfits' plan of attack! Blog each outfit!

- Get a new camera, Mr Veronica Darling has already planned this out, it's some sort of Canon blah blah 40 blah lense blah - but he assures me it'll be great for pictures for my blog/etsy/etc

- Get etsy going! I am planning that most of my '100 Outfits' plan will become etsy-fied soon enough, but first I'm doing my orders from my elite custies (customers - can you tell I abbreviate a lot?). So Veronica Darling on etsy for 2008 woo yeah!

- Blog and have fun online!

- Buy handmade for myself, for Mr Veronica Darling, and for gifts - Nikki Shell's idea. AND promo recycling and reusing things as much as possible.

- Laugh a lot.

There's mostly my online List of Things; other life things I do all the time without making lists, you know, hangout with friends, love my husbie, love work and going to work, laugh my head off, watch crime shows. whatevs really!

I'm off now to take piccies of the newest additions to '100 Outfits' and then make a dress for my other fave custie and a birthday manshirt for a friend at work!


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