Sunday, 20 January 2008

Outfit Number Eight

Hey! It's the weekend, and I found some arvo time yesterday to finish another shift dress for a fave custie! She's the owner of the green dress green dress AKA Outfit Number 5, and now this one, Outfit Number 8:

It's a lightweight cotton, that hangs so well. She chose the fabric herself, and doesn't it look excellent!?? Mr Veronica hoped there was enough material leftover for a 70s look short sleeve shirt for him, ala Festival Shirt, but not too sure, there might be just enough, but I'll have to do the yoke in a plain fabric.

So, I'm very close to 10/100 - which is One Tenth of a way through my 100 Outfits goal!

This week has been very surreal, after changing to early hours, plus there's mountains of work to do, so I've been staying late to get things done. After the Australia Day long weekend things will settle down though (I hope!). So it's been hard to fit sewing in during the week at the moment. I've got some cleaning up to do (Mr V is in Melbs comes back tonight, so want to surprise him with shiny new clean house) today, but have a few more items to post for you! Ooooh!


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