Saturday, 5 January 2008

Outfit Number Five - 5/100!!!

Here is another present for a fave custie, she's a bit taller than me (I'm 4'11') and I'm hoping this will look sweet on her, nice and short! It's a shift-type dress that is the same pattern as Outfit Number Four, but the material is printed cotton and a little stiffer than the silky one from #4. Have a look:

I told her I would make a birthday present for her (in November!), so long as she chose the fabric, and I'm pretty happy with this considering the material I've used for this pattern has been more drapy and silky. I didn't include the bottom band, as I thought it would make the garment too stiff and bunchy around the bottom, but I did sew a wide 3 inch hem line (just in case she it's too short for her too!) and I'm pleased with the A-frame sticky out-y hem.

I've tied it with a simple ribbon at the back instead of buttons, and I reckon this makes it all the more unique!

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