Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Outfit Number Four - Christmas Gift

I made this dress for my fave custie's sister! I made a mock up dress for myself probably at the end of winter, and it was PRETTY short, so I wear shortie shorts or leggings underneath, but it's made of this swishy flashy black material, that's a bit stiffer than swirly (can you tell I don't know my fabrics very well?) and my fave custie wanted something similar for her sister... but I couldn't find exactly the same material, as I got it on a roll from a bargain bin.

I shopped around and there was a sale at Remnants Warehouse in Marrickville, so here's the final product with similar type material:

The pattern I used is a nightgown 60's style dress, but instead of using contrast band on the top and bottom, I use the same material and make the bottom band a bit smaller to get the puffy bag look at the bottom to mirror the top gathering. It's a bit tricky for me to do, but this is my second attempt and as it was a gift I wanted to make it fantastic, so I think it turned out ok! I also left a bit of a hem there as well in case the dress was too short for her sister, and the band could be adjusted. BUT, I got a text on Christmas from my fave custie with happiness and love all round! Yay!

I've been busy here on holidays, so will get posting my other new outfits soon! But I'm so pleased that this present turned out so well!

Happy New Year and Happy Holidays! xoxo

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