Saturday, 5 January 2008

Outfit Number Six

Hey pals,

And here is Outfit 6/100 revealed, a gorgeous 70s shirt top. Six is my fave number so here is an outfit for me!

The front (above) is three separate pieces, with the top left & right with four tucks, I'd never tried this before, but it seems to be ok! Then the waist has a massive stitched on belt!

The back (above) shows the massive belt tied up in a bow, and the nice bunchy gathering on the shoulders, coming from the yoke.

And the close up of the tucks!

It was a vintage 70s pattern (the drawing even showed the model with a head scarf and massive sunglasses), and was totally brand new. The material is from The Remnants Warehouse, and was on special, it's a light cotton.

I wore it the other day driving to Lakes Entrance and it was perfect and flowy over shorty denim shorts! It's too short for a dress the way it is, but the pattern lends itself to be a longer skirt if one desires!


  1. Ooo, I like the colours ... and the site redesign, very cool.

    ... so you visit remnant warehouse too, wonder if I've seen you there? I'm the one with the baby strapped to me;)

  2. wow. thanks for popping by, great to see YOUR stuff! wonderful - I must read more.I love the green one...

  3. oooh, I love this! and can imagine you in it with big sunnies too! gorgeous... all of these outfits are terrific - you are an inspiration... gotta get my sewing machine back out... xo

  4. I love this, too. Target (States side) has these great shirtdresses right now (the pictures don't do them justice), but they just have an awkward front pucker on them which makes them impossible. Your version is so much better! What pattern did you use? I'd love to make a version, too.


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