Monday, 18 February 2008

Let's get cooking for Outfit Number 12

Hey pals, well, it should really be a table cloth, or a few handy tea towels, but this material headed straight to my machine and became a dinky little yee-har dress!

I think the material came from a Victorian opshop on my summer road trip just gone, and now it's a simplicity pattern form, which was from lincraft (I don't like buying new patterns, but I thought this was sweet and modern, and had time to kill in the shops pre-Christmas). So here are the pics:

The front! Doesn't Diana look posh (in a Dolly Parton kinda way)???

Diana from the back, with the zipper ! I had to try 3 times to get the zipper in the right place, it gaped a lot at the back.

Me wearing the dress! Woo!

I must admit, it's not really the most flattering style of patterns I've made. I was a little disappointed to find 'petite' sizes here meant I'm the largest size (size 12) and as I like making other sizes for my friends (as I did with my Holly Hobby style dress below in previous posts) I might not be able to do that for this pattern (unless I'm making for tweenies). AND the bodice kind cuts your boobs into a weird shape, so it's not really for mad canned girls like myself. Hence the tweenie idea again, or if you're flat chested, and super skinny.

Anyways! It's still pretty cute, and entirely thrifted and opshopped (although not sure of the thread & definitely not the interfacing), the zipper, the lining (white old bed valance) and the material. So what does that make it? 70 percent thrifted?

Here's another pin cushion for my friend as well, I made one for my mum too, and she liked it!


  1. Love the dress and the pin cushion. They are both very sweet!

  2. The dress is adorable! You have mad sewing skillz! :-D

  3. Oh yeah!!Yeeeee Haaaa!!!!
    Beautiful dresss
    v. cute

  4. That's a cute dress!
    Tablecloth-like fabric can turn great. Check my version if you feel like it on


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