Friday, 1 February 2008

Outfit Number TEN!

Here's a 60s maternity dress, from a second hand sheet! I got the pattern at an Orbost in country Victoria, and am into a bit of big billowing dresses (no I'm not preggers - just fashionable in my own way) at the moment, so hence the 'swing' style. I also watched Edward Scissorhands recently and you'll know if you've seen it that a lot of the women wear bright bold colours in swing style tops or dresses.

Check it out:

I wore it over black half leggings to work the other day, with black thongs, and I think it was pretty alright! Got a few comments, but I think people have given up commenting on my clothes as most things are hand made and new.

SO, my friend mailed me this and I think we'll have to go be part of the clothes swap as I have way too many clothes and perhaps I can swap them away (But not take any in return!)


Yay for Outfit Number 10 - that's 10/100 so 1/10 of a way through my goal!


  1. Great idea to convert a retro maternity dress into a swing style top.

    I love the pattern!

  2. That's really pretty! Fab colours, I love orange and pink together!


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