Thursday, 6 March 2008

Crafty Container for a little Kiddo

Hey pals,

I'm so glad it's Thursday! Got my glass of wine, got my crime channel on (and Dexter starting soon) and finished this box:

Thanks to the most gorgeous Waste Bin Tutorial by Marmadaisy. I was just clicking along people's links to find stuff I liked and thought I'd give her tutorial a go! Thanks Marmadaisy, it was easy to follow and now I've got a present for my friend and her new baby! I did change the dimensions, and it's more shallow than Marmadaisy's original one, but it's more kiddie like now I reckon. I was actually thinking (cause they've got a little boy-o) to make a few toys to pop inside for the new bub, AND now I'll be on the lookout for little soft toys for boys!

Oh, Dexter's just started - gotta go check him out! xoxo


  1. Great job! Thanks for letting me know you made it, I love seeing how people interpret my things. Narcissistic? Me? :)

  2. Loving my Dexter too - he's so adorable, for a serial killer!


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