Friday, 7 March 2008

Getting into the teens for my 100 Outfits & pledge update

Here's a little reminder 'flag' of what I'm up to at the moment, it's the 'Veronica Darling 100 Outfit Challenge' of course. I'm sewing 100 Outfits for myself and my friends and who ever fancies an outfit!

So thought I'd just motivate myself with a little post here, and I made a little tag as well:

ExTREEMly dorky from photoshop, but I might even stick it on my side panel to show off that I've got something goin' OHNNNN! Yes, and it's mostly just to motive myself to sew stuff, and blog at the same time, and I'm pretty happy that I'm heading into the teenage figures.

I'm also going pretty well at the wardrobe refash pledge, nothing new at the shops. And hardly any second hand gear. I KNOW WHAT I FORGOT TO MENTION! The girls from work all did a 'Ladies Who Lunch' clothes swap - and we all chucked clothes around like crazy! It's been a bit of a tradition at my work, started way before I got there, to swap your unwanted clothes with colleagues before taking them to the op shop. So pretty much what happens is:

- One person nominates themselves as the host of the event, and the rest of the peeps who are invited get their unwanted clothes together (and finger food and champers)

- You each draw a card from a deck of cards to get the order of the day (ie who shows their clothes first will have the highest card), this way there's a bit of order and also you'll need the cards for scrag-fight pile (explained in a jiffy) later on

- The highest card person shows their clothes (you gotta sell them, not "Ohh, I don't really like this, I don't know why I bought it, it's itchy", more like "It's cut on the bias, it's really swishy, and warm for winter too" find the positive things in the clothes!

- If you like it you scream 'Yep!' but if more than one girl wants it, it goes to the scrag-pile (explained in a jiffy). If you're the only person who wants it, you get to keep it!

- OK the scrag-pile is fought over at the end of everyone's show and tell, so grab the cards again, and there's got to be a mediator here to stop the pulling of hair. If there's 1 item and 4 girls like it, the mediator shuffles the cards and all 4 peeps take a card, and frankly, the highest card wins the scrag-pile item.

- The End - everyone has new clothes, and the leftover clothes that the Ladies Who Lunch didn't want ends up as a big donation to the op shop.

I got heaps of dresses at the last swap, and a really great hot pink halterneck dress that I'll be able to wear to my friend's B-Grade Hollywood Party next month! Woo! I kinda look like Pammy Anderson cross Marilyn Monroe cross Barbie - eek!


  1. tee hee hee! scrag-pile sounds like fantastic fun! congrats on your keeping on going with your 100 outfits challenge.. I reckon it warrants its own little signpost on the side of your blog! hope life is good x


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