Thursday, 20 March 2008

It's the birthday month for sure!

Hey again,

Once again I've been making birthday presents!

As I'm in the middle of 2 dresses, I decided for my friend Nic's birthday I'd make her a bag! I made her a wallet last year out of this grey patterned material, and she loved it! So I still had enough left of the vintage stuff (I've also got a skirt in the same material!) to make a bag for her!

I did a bit of googling and found Tiny Happy and her wonderfully easy bag tutorial! Her instructions are really easy to follow and my bag turned out exactly like her photos!

(*** photos to come soon of my bag, once again too eager to give presents, so forgot photos!)

Tiny Happy seems to be a New Zealander living abroad - somewhere cold - and loves old vintage materials too! Once again, thank you Tiny Happy for the tutorial, it really helps the brain get kick started! The internet is such a great source for improving sewing skills for me, I just love it!

We're getting closer and closer to buying a house, and each place we look at I'm imagining my sewing room/husbie's writing room - cannot WAIT to set it up! I've got a long table that my dad made for me, and I'd like to get a raised platform on it for the laptop, as more and more these days I'm checking out online tutorials as I sew!

AND, in other news, I've sold another obi wan belt on my etsy site! Yay - Thanks to the lovely JAOTTE in Canada!

I've got to restock my shop:

!!! xoxo

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  1. Hi Veronica,
    I can't wait to see your bag. I was looking at the tutorial and I think that I will try to make one...with pretty spring fabric! And also, about your comment on my blog, I did make the belt. Super easy and wonderful instant gratification ;) Happy Easter and good chocolate! xox


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