Monday, 10 March 2008

Just got a SALE email and some copyright news

Hey guys,

I got a cute email from the Remnant Warehouse saying on Saturday 15th March from 9am.... they've got a massive 50 per cent off sale - that's 50% GUYS!

Apparently they are relocating, sad news as they are close by, but they don't say where they're relocating to! I know Red Swirl says she's popped by there, so not sure if any of you other chappies know the place in Marrickville, but SALE SALE SALE!

Also my friend at work loved the red tablecloth dress so it has gone to a new home! Nikki Shell pointed out that even vintage pattern pieces are commercial patterns and therefore have copyright on the designs, and I hadn't really thought about it. So, I called McCalls here in Syds and they've said if I'm making clothes for my friends, or only doing a few runs of their patterns, they don't have a problem with me using their patterns and selling them. They are more concerned with mass production, and I asked them if 5-10 garments were considered mass production, and they told me not at all.

So that's kinda good news for small time sewing folk like myself, but I would call the company and check, if you are worried. I did notice online that Style (available from the 1960s - 80s) isn't a company any more, and their patterns are discontinued. The McCalls people said that once a pattern is discontinued, they call the pattern shops and get them to destroy the old ones. But I forgot to ask if this means they've not got copyright on them.

It is a reminder to anyone who posts tutorials etc, if you are concerned about people making money from your design, you may like to rethink publishing it, because once it's in the public space it's much harder to control your copyright. I like people's tutorials so much, and will only try things out for gifts for friends and handmade items for myself. My goal is to learn pattern making someday (my head is slowly getting there I reckon!) so hopefully I'll get onto that and have my own designs out there someday!

I'm currently making a boy shirt for one of the guys at work, it's gonna be pretty cool, but not sure if it's cool in a '70s pjs' kinda way or 'Hot Hot Hot' kinda way. I'm leaning towards the 70s pj's at the moment!



  1. That's great to hear you looked into the copyright issue. Like i said in my post on BurdaStyle you are allowed to sew custom items from a commercial pattern for customers but the copyright rules state that you must use a separate pattern for each customer. With discontinued patterns this would be rather difficult wouldn't it so i don't see any problem with using the same one.
    If in doubt, call the company and ask, it's better to do this than get into trouble. :) I'd ask for it in writing too, you know, just in case!

  2. Yeah, I agree! Thanks Nikkishell - very good food for thought! I'm going to follow up other pattern companies and see if they can email me their rules. I'm making so many dresses for my Outfit Challenge, I'm going to run out of friends soon, so it'll be great to upload some to etsy!


  3. Oh don't tell me about that pattern making learning goal... It obsesses me ;o)

    Good luck for your 100 outfits challenge!

  4. ooo I want to learn pattern making as well. Macquarie Community College has a course at chatswood - $145 for 8 sessions


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