Tuesday, 11 March 2008

My floral fabric collection by Veronica Darling

A new etsy friend took fancy to my Obi Wan Belts and was curious about my other floral materials, so here's a roll call for my florals - most are vintage and collected over the past year or so, some would be perfect for obi sashes as there's only slivers of material left, but some are quite large pieces of fabric still - waiting for an outfit to become a butterfly! (Gushy!)

I make more things than I buy, so I don't really spend that much time on etsy, browsing etc. So sometimes I forget about it, since I'm making so many things for my friends these days! My friend Fridays Child is so worth checking out, she's been an artist all her life, and is slowly ridding herself of luddite tendencies - she's a webpage whizz kid! She only signed up to etsy in December, and is already selling like crazy! Yay!

xoxo And here's my flickr photostream for you too!

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