Monday, 3 March 2008

Outfit Number 14

Well, we all went to Adelaide for workie, and run a total muck in the Op Shop on North East Road, I believe it's the Salvos there - and it's a HUGE warehouse kinda thing near Bunnings. The vollies were all sooooo nice and laughed a lot at all of us running around!

I mostly got 70s patterns and tablecloths, and there were a few scraps of material as well floating around. So back in Syds on the weekend, I started one of the 70s dresses (you're always hoping all the pieces of the pattern are in the envelope, I never check as I love the pictures, but when it gets to the sewing I get a bit nervous about all the pieces!) using one of the check tableclothes, check it out:

And there was JUST enough material (apart from the contrast bands) to make the dress. What do you think?

It's a thick cotton tablecloth, and I used the edge of the tablecloth as the hem, so you don't need to run a hemline, just use the existing hem!

It's strange because so far all my 100 Outfits have been FOR someone, and I was so itching to try the pattern and the tablecloth that I just started sewing. It's a little big for me, so I reckon it's a size 10! So I've been thinking of adding dresses to my etsy site for ages, and we got a great new camera, so I reckon this will have to be my first dress online! I'll see if cute Mr V can get a photo shoot together for me on the weekend!

Has anyone sold dresses online, any tips? Is it better having a model wear the dress (ie me) or Diana the bustlady (modelled here), I've seen both on etsy, and not sure!

I just cut the card to this Marmadaisy Tutorial Scrap Bin, I'm making it 8 inches by 6 inches tall (so a nice shallow fabric bin, only because the 'Only Roses' Box was that tall!!! Ha ha ha!) and think I'll send it down to my friend as a pressie!


  1. Hey there! Cute dress :)
    Regarding selling the dresses you make you should really consider copyright. You are using commercial patterns and even if they are from the 70's they are still covered by copyright, you need to gain permission from the publishers to make garments to sell from these patterns. I'd hate for you to get into any trouble over it. Check out my post from yesterday on the BurdaStyle blog about pattern copyright.

  2. It's such a cute dress. I would love to get some 70s patterns but they are not that easy to get in Montreal. A tableclothe dress is so cool :)


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