Thursday, 20 March 2008

Outfit Number 15 - birthday prez


My Outfit #15 is a shirt for my friend's birthday! I made it from a doona cover, which was fabulous 60s-70s looking bamboo shoots. Very cool! I used the same man shirt pattern I'd used for my Husbie, but as my friend is a little bit littler, I used the smaller size and brought it in just a little too. When the shirt was finished and sat on Diana, I was worried it looked a little weird the sleeves looked too long and the print made it look almost like 70s pjs - BUT I gave my friend his prez and it fitted perfectly!

He's worn it a few times since and all the other boys at work are after one the same! Hilarious! I'll have to find more 'boyish' vintage materials!!!

(pics coming soon - forgot to take photos on Diana!)

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