Monday, 24 March 2008

Refashion Dress for Outfit Number 17

Hey! Back again! Nikki Shell congrats on your new baby! I saw your comment yesterday, and thought 'Isn't she supposed to be having a baby around now?' - She's gorgeous!

This was a very flashy, very booby boob-tube dress my friend Las Vegas found. It had elastic above the boob and under the boob in casings and I unstitched the lot (ARGH!) and ironed it like crazy to refash into this cute Holly Hobby number for LV to love and wear. How crazy is the material? It's silky cotton or something, but very flag-like material. It says Vanuatu - Fantastic (I think!).

I didn't have enough material for the under sleeve lining or the reinforcing bit (whatever it's called) under the arm so I used some old flashy yellow material I got ages ago (when I dressed up as a Shakespeare Lady). I also used the existing hem from the boob-tube dress, so I didn't unstitch that thank goodness. See below, once again with fabulous Husband's photos!

Great hey?

I'm sitting out on the balcony and it's EXTREMELY pleasant today, just LOVELY! I've been sewing all morning, loads of odd jobs I've been meaning to do for ages, and now sitting outside for lunch makes me so happy! Little kids are playing in the pool and the sky is just perfect soft blue. Going back to work tomorrow won't seem so bad!

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  1. Some things in life are truly unfair... No sitting on the balcony as we're having a snowy easter, grrr ;o) This dress does look great though!


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