Sunday, 30 March 2008

Staying with Fridays Child

It's time for another working holiday, but this weekend I've been hanging with my wonderful friend - You'll know her as Fridays Child on etsy, but she's my lovely former flattie and total Bestie!

It's Comedy Fest time here in Melbs, so we saw some shows:

Sam Simmons - Where Can I Win a Bear Around Here
Kristen Schaal
23 Positions in a One Night Stand - Prince themed Fundraiser at Trades Hall

Totally recommend both Sam and Kristen - they were bizarre and hilarious (I cried tears of happiness) and not your usual stand up. Comedy of the Future!

So no crafting for me for a week, but hopefully I'll get some pics to update my site! I'm wearing my refashioned cord shorts today, but it's so cold in Melbs perhaps I need to add tights! Eek!

In the meantime, check out my darling Fridays Child:

That's me after seeing Kristen Schaal last night! Yay!

Take care, Veronica Darling xoxo

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