Sunday, 27 April 2008

Going Platinum, Going to Weddings & Generally Being Sickie

Hey pals,

No update for you other than SICKNESS! The first change in the weather, combined with a wedding full of peeps kissing you on the cheek equals SICKNESS!

I've recovered and feeling much better as of yesterday, so my jobs today:

- Blog this amazingly yummy recipe - Spicy Coconut and Pumpkin Soup with Sesame Salt Recipe that helped me recover and zing away all the bugs. It is the yummiest soup I have ever made!

- Review a Fellow DUST member Kim's work - the latest reviews are on the DUST BLOG, check out the new layout etc~

- Finish making these hot pants I started before the wedding and sickness took hold. When I got my hair platinum-ed the other day my hairdresser and I were talking hot pants, little shorts to wear over tights in the winter months, and they're about $44 plus down the road, so I wanted to see if I can make a pair for $10 or so... got some cute 1950s cherry material (black and white) and some black lace for the edging... I'm making the pattern myself, from an old pair of pjs and a Simplicity pattern to guide me with steps to stitch.

- Sew pocket on Rosie's dress and lots more fix it jobs! ARGH!

Kisses, Veronica Darling

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  1. Ouh la la, that sounds quite bad. Good to read you're back on the tracks and I wish you a quick recovery!


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