Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Outfit Number 19 - Prez for my Bestie

Here's a little (late) Birthday present for my pal and Bestie Fridays Child!

It's my little yeah-har dress!

Oh Diana looks so cute in black and white check. It's very simple cotton, but I've noticed it must have a blend because it doesn't crease at all, and was very easy to use. I made this really quickly actually, compared to the first one. So pretty pleased! Yay!


  1. Such a nice birthday present.
    Love the fabric...love the entire dress :)

  2. Cute dress and had to comment on your lovely Diana doll. I like this saucy lady as my namesake.

  3. oh my oh my!!!!!!
    I love love love it!!!!!
    don't worry, i'm not being sneaky. It was a totally innocent stumble upon.
    You are the best bestie ever!!


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