Monday, 28 April 2008

Zippedy Doo Dah!

I've made bags before, I've done zips before (totally on dresses!) and I've made little coin purses before, but I never really knew how to put a zipper in a coin purse, because I'd always just make it up. They were always hard to do and really required a lot of thought, BUT I googled zip tutorial and found Twelve 22 and my life is a lot easier!

It's totally the first link that comes up and I feel she's my new best friend, because her instructions are so easy and I wanna pay big THANKS! See my purse below, it's a present for my friend and fave custie at the moment, Rosie.

Rosie gave me some ace material to make some brooches for her, and there was a strip leftover that perfectly matched a zip I got (I have heaps of zips from the Op shops, I go there as much as possible!) So with a bit of interfacing and a bit of spare denim and silky purple material, here is a cute present.

I'd totally look to Twelve 22 for zips in pouches, it's the easiest ever! I'm going to go check the rest of her blog now!!!

p.s. feeling heaps better today, and excited about finishing some hot pant shorts I started yesterday, made up from a pattern but altered to look HOT! Not sure what I want to do with them as it's way too cold for shorts!

xoxo Veronica Darling


  1. Oh I love this purse's fabric. It looks really nice inside and out, congrats. I've never done any but would surely check this link if I did.

  2. I've made a whole batch of these with new designs, yours look a lot neater than mine. Cute fabric!


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