Sunday, 18 May 2008

Checkered Swinging 60s for Number 22

As you regular readers may know I've set myself a sewing goal of 100 Outfits! There's no date deadline, as I have to deal with daily deadlines at work, I thought I'd ease up on myself for my hobby fun time! So a "100 Outfits" piece can mean anything wearable by me or some lucky person, a dress, a top, a shirt, a skirt... mostly clothes. I've been known to sew spontaneously though, so I've decided these other things aren't outfits as such, just other things that are crafty and fun.

I'm feeling really happy with my pace of the '100 Outfits' Goal, since it's May now and I've reached 22 items. That's pretty good!

Here's outfit number 22 revealed!

I followed an old 60s pattern (Thanks Friday's Child!) and changed some of the fittings, seams & hem to be a little less rigid and fuddy duddy. The material is lovely soft cotton, that doesn't crease much, so good for short skirts and sitting down a lot! This fits me ok around the middle, but is a little big in the sleeve and the shoulder area. I love making the shoulder edges stick up a little (done by doing a long machine stitch all around the top sleeve and pulling it all in up the top rather than easing it in all around the sleeve, which the pattern suggested), I like a little puff on the shoulder, to make it stick up more.

Not sure what to do with this one... or the Outfit 21 below... let me know if you're keen and I'll list it on the etsy shop!

I've started a skirt, made from a thrifted tablecloth, so shall see how that ends up! I've got a few sexy tablecloths (did you ever think those two words would be put together in a sentence?) so if the skirt looks hot, I'll fix up a few of them for etsy too! xoxo

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