Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Lonely ARTS Club

I've become addicted to Sydney!

Yay! I've only lived here for two years! Oh, I've had some fantastic days here but Sunday was easily the best so far! I ate pancakes with Miss Claire and then saw my friend Craig talk about cool guys:

That's his first book, but he spoke at the Writers Fest at the MCA with bits from his new book!

And then we popped downstairs with a big gang to view the Zine Fair and I found Dear Dudley Redhead with all her fantastic things!!! I got really hot in my oversized fake fur, DR, otherwise I would have stuck around a bit more! I've never met a blogger from the crafty community before! Yay to you DR and all your beautiful things! Hope you had a great day! Here's a pic I stole from your blog:


And then we mopped up the day at the Opera Bar loving Sydney's sunny skies! Yay!

Currently I'm making a few more zipper purses (Rozelle markets are on this Sunday and I'm hopping in on a stall with a few friends - first market for me!) and a few dresses. One's black with a white colour, I'll see if it fits me or not, otherwise it's to market to market with it!


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