Monday, 12 May 2008

My Review on the Etsy Dust Blog

I've written a review that's been published on the Etsy Dust Blog!

It's about Kim Grant's Mosaics!

I volunteered to write a review, and they signed me up with Kim, and it was really lovely getting an insight into a professional craftser's work and mind. Yay to you Kim! Etsy Dust stands for Down Under Street Team, so it's for people who have esty stores who live in Australia, and whilst I'm not totally profesh with my store, I thought I'd have a bit of time to write a review!

My aim this week is to take photos of the stuff I'm making and get them online faster, as in try and get them online to this blog each day. Often I wait til the weekend, but then I get busy making stuff again, and I wanna try and blog as much as possible to keep the site busy here! And then I'd like to get some more stuff on my etsy site, as people are looking but there's not a lot of new stuff there.

Thanks to you all for your nice words on my refashioned hot dress, I still haven't worn it out as have been staying home most nights and pottering around. We're buying a house at the moment, and it's hard work finding the right one! We've been bidding here and there, but don't want to spend too much!

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  1. Ooooohhhhhh, you are buying a house. Good for you! I'm sure that you will find the perfect one soon. Don't forget to take pictures :) Take care xox


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